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How Do They Work?

Business Architects - Dragon1

How do they work? - What visualizations do they create for their clients?

This website is for Business Architects and their Clients and is about Business Architecture compliant to Dragon1.

On this website you will read what business architects do and how they work. You will also find a list of skilled business architects and business architecture consulting companies.

The Business Architecture Agenda

The business architecture agenda for 2018/2019 is:

The Business Architecture Concept

Business Architecture Dragon1

What is Business Architecture?

Business architecture is defined on wikipedia as "a blueprint of the enterprise that provides a common understanding of the organization and is used to align strategic objectives and tactical demands."[2] People who develop and maintain business architecture are known as business architects.

Business architecture is the bridge between the enterprise business model and enterprise strategy on one side, and the business functionality of the enterprise on the other side.

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